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What is a ‘Palmistry Reading?’

What can it do for me?

 Palmistry readings are an expert interpretation of genetic patterns of the whole hand. Like a “life management system” they reveal the DNA ‘program’ of your spiritual, emotional and physical life. 

Having your hands ‘read’ by Robin will help you review your life choices now and for the future about relationships, careers and material success with a greater understanding of your unique life patterns and crease-ups…….

by validating your past, present and possible future!

A Professional Hand Analysis

(Or Palm Reading)

 Hands have been studied all over the world, in every culture for thousands of years and is connected to Buddhist (Traditional Eastern) teachings. The meanings concerned with hand size, shapes, fingers and lines were tested over time and passed on through oral traditions historically through observation and life experiences of traders and travellers over thousands of years.

 Professional hand readings are a comprehensive analysis by a ‘Master Practitioner’ of the unique DNA program contained within the hands. The person’s character, their disposition, physical, emotional and spiritual being interpreted from the ‘genetic information’ contained within both hands.

 The past, present and future possibilities are interpreted from considering these specific patterns traced by the brains nerve endings. These patterns relate to our potentials, psychological health and individual well-being, science calls them ‘dermatoglyphics’.

 The DNA patterns which are ‘analysed’ and ‘interpreted’ come from comparing the digital ratios, fingerprint patterns, segments and lines within both hands which is now called, “Biometric Data.” Science is proving that the hand patterns relate to the DNA program at many different levels and are a persons individual and unique ‘ Bar–code.’ 

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