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Terms & Conditions


1.Readings will only be scheduled in once payment has been made.

2. Contact will be made with the purchaser within 24hrs of the payment being made via the email used at the time of booking, if you wish to use an alternative contact email please contact us at this email payments@robinlown.com once the payment has been made.

3. Readings paid via the website on a Saturday or Sunday, contact will be made by Monday evening as the main booking office is closed at weekends.

4. Special Offers are valid only within specified dates advertised once these are removed they are no longer on offer.

5. Readings can be re-scheduled at a mutually agreeable time, if no contact is made and your reading is missed, then you will have one more time and date booked in, if this is also missed without contact, the monies paid will be non-refundable due to administration and lost time on Robin’s behalf.

6. When booking your reading you agree to these terms and conditions and it is up to you, to make sure these are read BEFORE booking your reading.

7. One to One readings are carried out In Battle only. Outside of these areas if you wish to book a 1-1 reading you will be liable for travel costs, which are to be agreed with and paid for before the reading will be booked in, on an agreeable date and time.

8. Party bookings, a deposit of £100 is payable and is non-refundable on cancellation. For party booking please contact us for price.

9. Corporate bookings please contact for price. Minimum of £100 deposit is payable and is non-refundable on cancellation.

        10. Using these services shows acceptance of ALL T&C’s and you are legally over 18 years old.


Private Readings/ Consultations.


These should be deemed as for education, entertainment, instruction or information and may offer insights and guidance to your personal life-patterns and well-being. Services are offered in a sincere and genuine way – to gain a further understanding of your life patterns (and crease-ups) reflected in your hands.

You are respectfully reminded that this and other methods may not give you the results (which cannot be guaranteed) or answers that you may seek. What you do with any information/ guidance is entirely your freewill to choose and remains your own responsibility.

If you are seeking Legal/ Financial/ Medical, or Health advice (including your own or another’s mental health) then the appropriate Professionals should be consulted.